in that moment we held eachother close.

we both knew, knew that when that moment was over and we let go,
we'd be letting go of much, much more.

i heard the titan pull away; it dragged a piece of me with it.

all i wanted to do was call him back.  tell him don't go. 
don't change how its been. don't leave me with the void of not having you.

but i couldn't.
because thats contradictory to what we're suppose to do.

so a piece of my heart cracked that night. 
replaying the memories was unbearable. the thought of them no more was agonizing.
i felt the pain echo through out my bones
until tears streaked my face. 

but it wasn't his fault.  he still cares about me. 
it's just what happens, i guess, when you let someone handle something
so fragile for a while and then fate decides to step in. 

we're still going to be friends.  he is still going to be in my life.

i don't know how it's going to work.  but i have to believe that it will. 
it's the only way i can be okay right now.

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