the unluckiest moment of my life.

i'm not usually one for hate and grudges
but today the world showed me these possibilities.

let's put it this way,
i was shopping and i found the cutest shirt. just what i've been looking for. perfection, definitely pinterest worthy.  i put it out at the front of the dressing room so i could take in my next bunch of clothes to try on.  (oh i also officially hate that system in clothing store fitting rooms: only 6 items at a time)  when i was finished, i started gathering the clothes i was going to buy.  i then realized i didn't have that one favorite shirt.  i panicked. me and my crew started searching for it frantically.  the girl working the dressing room was being kinda sketchy. no help at all.  after quite some time i was about to give up but i decided to make one more round through the store to see if i could find it.  
thats when i spotted her.  that lady.  she had my shirt.  my eyes narrowed. 
i asked her, "where did you find that?" 
"oh i found it in the dressing room, the girl said it was just left there."
"oh, i was the one who left it, and i was going to buy it."
"oh i'm going to buy it. sorry about that." 
i walked away almost in tears.
i wanted that shirt. i wanted it bad.
my crew had my back by trying to see if we could get it back.
but that lady would not let it out of her grasp.
i left the store raged.

i hope karma smacks that lady in the face. 
she was old and that shirt was mine.
and every time she wears it i hope she feels bad.

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