i wrote a novel.

it's titled: sophomore.  it has 365 pages. a page an entry. an entry a day.
one full year documented.

i'm in the process of writing it's sequel: junior.  it's past half way completed now. 
the pages are flipping by fast, but the words they contain are some of the my favorites.

now, i can only dream of what will fill the pages of my book titled: senior
some of the most memorable of my life, i hope.

this habit of mine began far before the tenth grade. 
it formed rather amidst the grade of sixth and grew to solid form by ninth. 
it was in tenth that i started my series of volumes by year. 

after graduation i'll start one short publication
titled: the insecure stage between graduation and the "real life".
then proceed with the next best sellers, 2014, 2015, etc.

this series will be a continuation through out my life. 
i can't even begin to imagine what
twists, turns, and fairytale magic
that will unfold in my story.

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