you know that one boy
who has sculpted features and nice eyes; you noticed him right off the bat
and now slowly, ever so slightly, he is maybe noticing you?

yeah, that one guy   
who's every move is documented very carefully
so you can recite it back to your best friends/secret agents in disquise?
(Every action has clues hidden within.)

   yeah, him
who you try to talk to whenever you get the chance
and if you do. it leaves your heart thumping and your mind racing for words to say.
The butterflies arrive and afterward, they stay for awhile.  the world looks beautiful again.

so today,
He called my name across a parking lot
just to say "hey! how are you?"

let's just say,
my day was very well made.


  1. Nicole, I love this! You are so good with words, I so remember feeling that way. In fact, I married that boy. :) Hope you don't mind that I stalk you blog, I really enjoy reading it. You are an amazing person!
    Meg :)

  2. this is great:]
    i feel the exact same way; you just said it 10 times better than i could ever try to explain.