a realized abstraction.

when you were a young dreamer you'd imagine feelings 
you would have when you were older, living the college life, or falling in love.
at the time, those dreams were so explicit in your fantasizing mind 
and you thought you'd definitely be able to spot the moment when you entered it.
but then years later it comes time to find them and you're still searching.
until one night.
in a moment of cool air that brushes your skin, you open the cafe door, 
the night lights of an old town main street sparkle as you hear your steps click on top of the tessellated floor--
it all catches up to you.
you thought for sure you'd be able to recognized the ideal scenes,
but in reality your young mind only glimpsed an abstraction of what your life would be made of.
you really didn't know the specifics that would lie in the details of those moments.
because the essence of a moment isn’t constructed of the building you're in or the situation that surrounds you--
it's not defined by a single instance in time.  
It's impacted by the ones the preceded it and the ones that are waiting to happen.  
A moment is fabricated by the emotions inside and the current state of your mind.
so now they come almost disguised.
and tonight you are blessed enough to recognize.

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