there's a space.

a spot in your heart that is reserved for one other individual.
a piece of your soul packaged for only them to open.

some call it love, others call it best-friendship.

but it's a connection of its own.
a level none other can reach.
it's deeper than the rest.

the reservee holds a matching key.

i do believe that over time the holder can switch
and someone new can hold the key
because time and circumstance changes people
and the two may no longer match.

for me, this space has always been filled,
though the individuals differing.
but it seems lately realiztion of change has set in
and the space is discovered empty.

a part of me relieved.
there's nothing to hold me back.

a piece of me feels the need to fill the space.
as human beings, it's what we tend to do.
it's what we've always done.

but it appears everyone elses packages have already been mailed.

to find a matching key, 
i think your heart doesn't need to have brand-new, never-used space
but rather just empty; ready and willing to be filled.

knowing what the other key will look like to match.

now i'm just waiting
because it doesn't feel like fate
is emptying me by accident.

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