So I'm pretty sure I found a bit of my future.
A piece I'm especially excited for.
The album release of OWL CITY's new cd
"All Thing Bright and Beautiful" on May 17 June 14
shhhhh.. this is Top Secret:

his stop on his world tour in Orem, UT on July 13. 
the Date couldn't be more perfect.
pretty sure we've been waiting for this for years, it's fine.

I love adam young;
especially in this video.
I know exactly the feeling he talks about in this tid bit,
it's the same that I feel when I take and edit photos;
& now when I write.
it's neat to see how other people express that feeling,
there are so many interpretations.
I can feel it when I listen to his music.
that's how I know it's real.

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